2pcs Samsung INR18650 25R 2500mAh 35A Flat Top Li-ion Rechargeable Battery




SAMSUNG INR18650-25R 2500mAh High-drain Battery , geniune SAMSUNG product.
Long storage life, light weight and high energy density! Good choice for your vaping mods that working with 18650 batteries!

Nominal capacity: 3000mAh
Max Continuous Rated Discharge: 15 amps (at 25 degrees C)
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Discharge Current: 30A
Cycle info: Capacity drops to 60% after 250 full charge/discharge Cycles
Don’t discharge below: 2.5V
Standard Charge: CC/CV @ 1 amp / 4.20 volts +/- .05v, 100 mA cut-off
(Max) Rapid Charge: CC/CV @ 4amps / 4.20 volts +/- .05v, 100 mA cut-off
Impedance: 22.15 +/- 2 milliohms
1. Do not over-discharge/overcharge
2. Recharge empty batteries as soon as possible
3. Do not short circuit
4. Do not dispose of in fire
5. Use it on your own risk

Brand: Samsung
Size: Height 64.8mm, Diameter 18mm
Shipping method: Please check here for details.


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